Bowline CSP is a Dubai-based corporate services provider company. At the core of our offering stand company setup, minority protection arrangements and solutions for every step of your business lifecycle. Bowline has extensive experience advising clients internationally and locally bringing business to the UAE from all corners of the world. Bowline team comprises members with UAE experience in company formation, corporate structures, governance, IT, translation, tax, audit and bookkeeping. With more than 70 years of combined experience in what we do, our offering is unique, transparent and effective.


Minority Protection Arrangements and Business Setups

Minority Protection Arrangements

The UAE laws and regulations require UAE domiciled (onshore/mainland) companies to have a minimum of 51% UAE national ownership. This renders the foreign investor as a minority. Minority protection arrangements are used by investors since the beginning of the UAE economic boom in the 80s of the last century to secure and protect their economic interests in their businesses. Typically, a foreign investor willing to establish a company in the UAE will have an arrangement with a UAE national, whereby the UAE national holds 51% or more of the shares of the company on trust for the foreign investor against an annual fixed fee. The arrangement, in summary, allows the foreign investor to have ultimate management control and full economic interest of the UAE company. There are several forms of minority protection arrangement, including for example, nominee agreements, trust structures, finance type security packages or, a combination of all the foregoing. The complexity of a minority protection arrangement is determined by several factors, some of which are, the invested capital, nature of the business activity and the level of comfort and experience of an investor. At Bowline, we were fortunate to have assisted a number of foreign investors establish presence in the UAE via our managed and bespoke minority protection arrangements. Managed minority protection arrangements are secure in nature and are shielded against transmission and inheritance issues. We are familiar with all the arrangements used in the UAE and the wider GCC and will strive to meet your needs.

Company setup

From start to finish, Bowline will work with you hand in hand. Each client of ours is assigned with a dedicated relationship manager who deals with all aspects of the setup process.. This includes immigration, pension, labor offices, free zone authorities, notary public, bank account opening and the like. We will handle this on your behalf or guide you with a team of nimble Arabic speaking professionals. We guarantee a timely setup closing with concerned governmental departments across the UAE.

Not sure which business model/form is right for you?

Our team will understand your business nature and requirements and will help you choose the right business form and domicile that suits your budget as well as the business requirements. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

Supplementary Services

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the investment a business requires. The supplementary services on offer are here to reduce potential headcount and save you operating expenses without compromising the quality. These services can be packaged to suit your specific requirements. Our clients are law firms, SMEs and entrepreneurs who focus on their core business function while we take care of their support functions. Our mission is to build solid long term partnerships with our clients and help them succeed.


If you are not IT inclined, we setup for you the business IT infrastructure, which includes, website development, electronic communication and digital marketing.



An essential aspect of the business and key component for fund raising. This encompasses policies, procedures and manuals that govern the running of your business to ensure the interest of the company’s stakeholders is guaranteed and best served. We will understand your business and objectives and will design your policies & procedures and implement the necessary checks and balances.


We take pride in having top tier law firms as our clients. We guarantee legal and technical precision translation in several common languages.

Accounting & Tax

A team of senior accounting consultants, on outsource basis, will replace your finance department and will keep track of your business financial transaction, advise you on your daily accounting, tax and finance needs and queries.. At the end of the financial reporting period, your books will be ready for tax filings and annual audit, which can be audited by our audit and tax sister company.